What is devopsjobs.app?

A job board for DevOps positions or positions related to DevOps. Companies from all over the world can post here.  

How does it work?

For Companies

  1. Create a company profile
  2. Submit
  3. Pay the submission fee
  4. Wait to hear from candidates. 

Any job posted also gets promoted in multiple social media platforms 

For job seekers: 

  1. Click on any job you want to apply to
  2. Fill in all of the required information 
  3. Hit submit

What’s the best way to contact anyone for this site?

Please email:

For sales: sales@devopsjobs.app

For marketing plans: marketing@devopsjobs.app

For reporting listing issues: reports@devopsjobs.app

For refunds/cancellations: support@devopsjobs.app

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